Next to Normal Auditions

JUNE 25, 2017, 5:00-9:00 pm

JUNE 26, 2017, 7:00-10:00 PM

JUNE 28, 2017, 7:00-10:00 PM (CALLBACKS)


Take Two Productions announces auditions for its production of Next to Normal by Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt, running Oct. 13 -21, 2017 at The Southampton Church. This Pulitzer Prize-winning/Best Musical Tony-nominee rock musical tells the story of a mother who struggles with bipolar disorder and the effect of her illness on her family. Directed by Stephen Peirick with musical direction by Nate Jackson. Dani Mann will serve as Assistant Director.


Audition Information

The casting for Take Two shows is very competitive, but we do everything we can to make auditions fun and stress-free. We’ve been there! Just relax and show us what you’ve got. We want you to do your best.

Please prepare 32 bars from a Broadway musical. Bring sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided.

Be prepared to cold-read a monologue. Sides will be provided when you sign in for your audition time.

Bring your calendar so you can provide us with all of your conflicts for July 31 – October 21. Having conflicts will not necessarily rule anyone out – however, it’s imperative to know those conflicts from day one.  

Resumes and headshots are helpful, but not required.

Come to auditions at least 15-30 minutes before your scheduled time so you can complete the necessary paperwork. Typically our auditions run very quickly, and sometimes ahead of schedule. You are welcome to come early, and if there are cancellations or no-shows we will work you in early.

Don’t be late. If you’re late, you may have to wait until there is time in the schedule to audition. If we’re completely booked, you may not get to audition at all. We can’t make any exceptions.

Auditionees under the age of 18 are required to bring a parent with them to auditions. If cast, you will need a parent’s permission to participate in the production. Parents may be required to attend some meetings/rehearsals.

All performers being called back will receive an email if an email address is provided (if not, they will receive a phone call) by 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 27. Not being called back does not necessarily mean you are not being considered for a role, it just means those casting the show don’t need to see anything further.

Good luck!



Diana: Female, to play early to mid-40s:

An appealing and quick-witted housewife who is manic-depressive and delusional; suffers from a worsening bipolar disorder. Strong actor/singer needed. Must capture Diana’s wicked sense of humor while simultaneously conveying her heartbreak. Mezzo-Soprano; G3 – F#5/Gb5

Dan: Male, to play early to mid-40s:

Diana’s husband; a genuine guy who is an architect by day, and a dedicated husband and father at home. He often finds himself frustrated and confused as he fights to keep his wife’s mind and illness stable. Strong actor/singer needed. Must be able to handle not only the dramatic arc of Dan’s journey, but also the moment of humor that Dan expresses. Tenor; G#@/Ab2 – B4

Natalie: Female, to play 16-17:

Diana and Dan's troubled daughter. She is an accomplished pianist and hardworking high school student, pushing herself to extremes. Her struggles are exacerbated by her mother's behavior. Strong actor/singer needed. Must convey Natalie’s strength, vulnerability, and downward spiral. Mezzo-Soprano; G3 – G5

Gabe: Male, to play 17-18:

Diana & Dan's son. He is dashing, athletic, and bright; near perfection in his mother’s eye. Strong actor/singer needed. Must convey both the ideal son, as well as the dark side that surrounds Gabe/haunts Diana. Tenor; B2 – C5

Henry: Male, to play 16-17:

A classmate of Natalie’s who becomes her love interest. He is also a musician as well as a philosopher, slacker and stoner. Strong actor/signer needed to portray Henry’s heart/soul and his concern for Natalie while also understanding Henry’s often humorous ponderings/outlook on life. Tenor;G#2/Ab2 – B4

Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine: Male, to play 30 – 55:

On actor plays two of Diana’s doctors. Dr. Fine, the more predominant of the doctors in the story is Diana's psychiatrist. He is handsome and professional, but he also appears as a very sexualized rock star in brief fantasy moments. Strong actor/singer who can toggle between both reserved and animalistic. Tenor; A2 – A4.

Take Two Productions is a community, non-equity, non-paying theatre group.